Electric Screen PRO (244 x 190 cm) 16:9
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90945  -  Electric Screen PRO (244 x 190 cm) 16:9
Electric Screen PRO (244 x 190 cm) 16:9
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Screen size (BxH) cm 244 x 190
Viewing size (WxH) cm 236 x 133
Aspect ratio 16:9
Diagonal (cm/inch) 271/107
Black drop (cm) 57
Border (W) cm 4
Fabric matt white
Gain 1.0
Rear coating black
Case dimension (WxHxD) cm 258 x 9,5 x 9
Case colour white
Weight (kg) 13.3

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Electric projection screen Vision Pro with fixed 16:9 border

Gorgeous electric screen with an elegant design. The use of fiberglass-reinforced 3-layer fabric, which is optimized for projectors and features a high fiberglass content, guarantees not only that contrasts and colors are rendered perfectly but also that an optimum flatness is achieved.

The design and quality of this rectangular case clearly distinguishes this screen from other projection screens in this price range.

All you need to do is plug in the screen; you will find the power connection for a 220V-Euro-plug on the right side; the case can be mounted in a suspended or fixed position to the wall or ceiling. Wall and ceiling spacers as well as other solutions for special installation requirements are available.

Control via RF remote control (included with the projection screen) or via a radio signal transmitted by the projector's trigger output (optional accessory).

What's included:
1 remote control (RF)
2 mounting brackets for wall and ceiling

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ARIS schrieb: Time: 15:23 Date: 18.06.2013 Rating: 4

I'm having the screen for about 12 days now. I can honestly say that for this price range the screen is great. It's not perfect flat, but i don't think that there is any non-tension-tab screen completely flat.

Of course, this doesn't mean that there are visible wrinkles. I cannot notice any, while viewing a movie, either 2D or 3D with my Benq w1070.

The package I received DIDN't have any installation manual and I had to "guess" what to do eventually. I hope that this was an honest omition.

The remote works fine, but sometimes when I want to fine tune the screen to watch a 1:2.35 movie, the remote is not that responsive, thus making extra steps to tune the screen at the desired height.

The power cord is only from the right side, so keep that in mind when planning the installation, but for me it didn't cause a problem, because the power cord is very long, so I hid it behind the case, to reach the left side.

The electric mechanism is very smooth, but to be honest, for the last couple days I'm hearing a creaking sound while the motor is running, but nothing too annoying.

Overall, I would definately recommend someone to buy this entry-level screen, especially if this is your first screen, as it was for me.
Antonio schrieb: Time: 13:26 Date: 20.04.2013 Rating: 5

Bought it a month ago. Nice Screen, really happy with the quality.
Great value for the Money.