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The electric screen line LIGHT is being replaced by the new series SOLID. Of course, you will not lose any guaranty and/or warranty claims. The supply of spare and replacement parts is secured for the next years.



For the first time in the company's history we'll present our products on an international stage! And we have good reasons for doing so! Visit us at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam from February 4, 2014 to February 6, 2014 and you will witness a world premiere.

This will be the first time that we'll present our newly developed electric fixed-frame screen to the public. We have broken new ground in terms of drive, control, and production engineering to come as close as possible to reaching our goal of a perfect screen.

We'll also present our new home-theater chairs that have also been designed by us, are produced exclusively using European components and are manufactured in Europe.

Take advantage of the registration for free admission. Click on the link and use the invitation code 914156.

Get to know VISIVO products, meet the VISIVO team and experience home theater at its best!

We will see you in Amsterdam!


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Setting Electric Screen PRO/SOLID
Setting the start and stop position of the product lines PRO and SOLID

All our screens offer a great overall height to allow for installation in rooms with high ceilings. Depending on the format, this results in an especially large black drop.

Screens delivered with default factory settings are flush with the case and can be dropped and/or raised to the total height of the screen. You have the option to chose individual settings and change the upper and lower stop point to adjust the image height to your installation requirements.

For inexperienced users, adjusting the settings often poses a major challenge, especially since a mistake may lead to a total failure of the control mechanism.

For this reason, you now have the option to specify your desired stop points when you select a screen in our shop. In this case, we'll adjust the settings for you.


The electric screen LUSSO is already compatible with the Harmony® range because it uses IR based controls. The electric screen lines PRO and CONTRAST can be retrofitted or upgraded with IR based controls.

The retrofitting also allows you to operate the screen with an universal remote control. The very first customer who bought this module wrote such a detailed report on modifying the screen and programming the remote that we have decided to publish this report by courtesy of the author.

Read more about this here...

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