Frequently asked questions about projection screens, projectors and home cinema chairs.

Projection Screens

Setting the start and stop position of the product lines SOLID, PRO and CONTRAST

On the bottom-right of the screen case, you will find a yellow marking labeled with the letters A and B and a symbolic rotational direction (+/-). A refers to the upper stop point, B to the lower stop point.

If you use the supplied adjustment tool to turn toward minus (-) the respective stop position moves upwards, if you turn towards plus (+) the respective stop position moves downwards.

Please go about it very carefully, as physical over-twisting may break the motor or the screen fabric.

Alternatively, it would be our pleasure to adjust the default settings of the screen to your desired stop positions before shipping it to you.



Synchronizing the radio trigger PRO

On the right side of the screen case next to the power supply, there is a small circular opening. A small yellow adjustment pin is included with the trigger PRO. Other thin items, such as the tip of a paper clip, work as well. 

To synchronize the screen it must be connected to the power supply; since the trigger has a built-in battery for this purpose, it is not necessary to plug it into the trigger output of the projector. 

Now, press the pin into the above-mentioned opening of the screen until you hear a switch that is hidden behind it click. Once you hear the click, the screen will be in synchronization mode for approx. 10 seconds. 

Use this time to press the same pin in the opening in the center of the back of the trigger. Again, you will hear the pressure point of the switch.

Now the synchronization process is completed and once you have plugged the trigger into the trigger output of the projector, the screen will drop and raise itself automatically when the projector is switched on or off.

Important: Check your projector menu to see whether the trigger output is enabled.

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