The standard color of all mechanical components such as the awning housing and awning arms is white or, to be more precise, RAL 9010 pure white.
Almost all spare parts for Exclusiv-Home awnings with the designations EH6100, EH6400, EH7100 and EH8100 are available from us, most of them directly from stock. To identify the required replacement parts, you will find a small table listing the most frequently requested items here.
There are of course a large number of standard awnings in almost every DIY store, there are two sizes and two colors to choose from and so an awning seems to be a simple product. However, if you want to put together your dream awning, it quickly becomes a bit more complicated due to the endless possible variations.
In the past, numerous awnings and other shading solutions were marketed under the Exclusiv-Home name. After the company stopped doing business a few years ago, it has become difficult to get replacements for defective awning components such as awning controls, awning joints, awning motors or awning fabrics.
The question might arise as to why a company called VISIVO, which was better known for its reliable motorized screens, is now suddenly also offering awnings.

The secret lies in the affinity of the technology. Take a housing, an axis with a tubular motor and a fabric and the projection screen or the awning is done, because this is made of nothing else.