Spare parts and replacement fabrics for awnings from Exclusiv-Home

In the past, numerous awnings and other shading solutions were marketed under the Exclusiv-Home name. After the company stopped doing business a few years ago, it has become difficult to get replacements for defective awning components such as awning controls, awning joints, awning motors or awning fabrics.

In many cases we can help you with the supply of original or alternative awning components for Exclusiv-Home awnings and also other awning manufacturers.

Initially, Exclusiv-Home awnings sold under the name LUXURY had been imported goods from China. There are no longer any spare parts available for this. Only if the awning control fails it is possible to replace it with an external receiver and hand-held transmitter.

Later sun protection solutions or drive technologies from Exclusiv-Home, in addition to classic awnings, slat roofs or conservatory awnings, also garage door drives, swing gate drives, sliding gate drives or retractable bollards come from European production, for which almost all components and spare parts are still available and available from us.

Contact us, we are happy to help you.

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