MOOVIA Home Theater Seating

The story of MOOVIA® - our brand for home cinema furniture - began in 2003 with the establishment of VISIVO GmbH & Co. KG in the Nagold, a beautiful little town in the Northern Black Forest, as a retailer of projection screens and home cinema accessories, not in a garage but in a 15 sqm office literally under the roof of a medical center.

After stormy early years with many ups and downs and a few moves, we realized that, in addition to the highly competitive market for cheap imported goods from Asia, there is also a constant demand for high-quality home theater furniture that has been manufactured with great care and so we started with the development and production of armchairs and sofas for home cinema and media rooms in Germany and Europe.

Our furniture is available in all conceivable shapes and sizes and with a range of functions that will make your movie evenings an unforgettable experience. We tailor our seating furniture down to the last detail to the taste and specific needs of our customers, making sure that they have one thing in common: our commitment to craftsmanship and design.

In the meantime, our seating has found a home on superyachts, in international films and TV shows as well as in countless cozy home cinemas all over Europe, the USA and beyond, and we are very proud of that.

Let yourself be inspired by our portfolio and be surprised by our ongoing new developments.


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